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Samuel De Luque is probably the most famous Spanish Youtuber as of now, with over 5 million views each day! Samuel is earning around $8.7 million each year, which is simply astounding. His channel is focused on gaming, which has become a very popular trend on Youtube; after all, our number one pick in this list is also a gamer! His humor is reminiscent of PewDiePie, which makes sense, since they’re both young and exciting gamers.

  1. Smosh

With over 20 million subscribers, Ian Hecox and his friend Anthony Padilla are coming in at number four as one of the richest guys on Youtube. Entertainment is what they know best, and it also brings them quite a few millions each year(roughly around 10), all accumulated by expanding into gaming and commentary in different channels, which they own. Before PewDiePie, Smosh was the most subscribed channel on Youtube with over 10 million subscribers under its belt. What makes them special is the fact that they’re very consistent; Smosh has been on a rise since 2005, which is when the whole Youtube thing barely started – impressive to say the least!


  1. Markiplier

Mark Edward Fischbach is really one of the heavyweights in the world of Youtube, showing off with over 20 million(!) subscribers, who passionately watch his gaming videos as well as his sketches, all of which is recieved with general and genuine appreciation.  The 28-year-old found his way to the top by gaming and connecting with his fans, which is something he still does to this day! Earning over $10 million each year, Mark is a great example of how to succeed on your own merit; however it’s his modesty that still gets him the attention after 5 years of creating content.


  1. Jake Paul

Jake Paul might not be the most paid Youtuber in 2017, but he is definetely the most popular and most watched as well, gaining over 10 million new views every single day(bro). He is the biggest name on the platform right now, and he just recently hit 10 million subscribers, which happened only after 10 months of daily vlogging. What makes his channel special is the fact that he’s not afraid to do things for views, and he’s not particularly ashamed of it – he is actually proud of it, according to his statements. His income has definetely seen an uprise in the last year, bringing him $9-13 million, but more importantly, he has the highest rising fanbase on Youtube at this moment, which might make him number one on the paid list very soon.


Felix Kjellberg is still the number one paid youtuber after years of gaming videos, which is simply astounding. No one has come even close to him in terms of subscribers – he has over 56 million! His earning situation isn’t that much worse, either – he’s easily making $15 million annualy, considering his deals with gaming companies and all sorts of partnerships. PewDiePie is sort of responsible for the sudden rise of gaming channels, which have flooded the Youtube platform after his immense success.

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