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Top Five Things to do Before Summer Ends When on a Tight Budget

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fun things to do before summer ends.

Sadly, summer is close to the end and Fall is nearby. However, you did not get to do very much fun stuff this summer because you didn’t have much money. It is sad, but there is something you can do about it, even when on a tight budget. Here are the top five things to do before the summer ends when you don’t have much money to spend. Some of these fun things to do are free or cheap.

Find a Walking Tour of a City or Make Your Own

Is there a city close-by you have always wanted to tour but thought you needed a lot of money to do so? Sometimes, you don’t need any money to visit a city. Especially if you are creating your walking tour. You can do a quick Google search for tours in the city you have always wanted to see a tour of and many results will come up. Grab some friends or go by yourself if you prefer to do this alone and see some exotic and local culture. You can either find one that is walking distance of each place you are going to see or one that has a bus you can ride for cheap.

Go Hiking

Hiking anywhere is free, and all you need is some water or your favorite thirst quencher to ensure you don’t dehydrate and some food that you can stop to eat while out hiking. Don’t forget your map, so you don’t get lost. This is fun because you get to see nature at its finest! Take a friend with you if you don’t want to go alone but make sure they bring their drink and food.

Try Something New

This could be anything from eating food from a different culture that you never tried before or anything at all. Maybe you have always wanted to try some weird ice cream or coffee flavor and have been afraid to do so. Either way, you will like it, or you will have a fun and new experience to share with a friend and have a laugh about it. You can then challenge them to do the same thing.

Go on a Food Forage and Cook a New Recipe with it

If you don’t know where to forage for free food, look up some places online. You can go into the woods and pick some berries (make sure they aren’t poisonous first) some fruits, nuts, and even dandelions and take your free food you found in nature home to make an excellent new recipe with it. You can add it to something you were already planning on cooking or have always wanted to create or try a whole new recipe with it. There are some great Pinterest recipes for things like this.

Relax in a Hammock

Not only can you relax in a hammock, and this is free by the way as long as you have a hammock or know someone who does that you can borrow from, but you can also read a great book you haven’t read yet. This is something new and fun to do for a few hours!

Trying these new and exciting things to do before summer is over will make you want to do them more often. Try other new things you have never done before and make the most out of the end of the summer!

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