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5 Unique Housewarming Gifts Ideas on a Budget

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So your friend, close neighbor, family member, or favorite coworker just moved into their new home. Whether it’s an apartment, condo, or house, it’s a huge deal to move and call somewhere else home. A nice gesture is a housewarming gift, however it can be hard to choose the right gift under a budget. Here’s a few ideas to select a unique housewarming gift without breaking the bank.

1) Herb garden.

Plants make an excellent house warming gift. It’s more than just a bottle of wine which offers up the obligation for them to share with you and its longer lasting than a food item. If you are uncertain about the type of plant to get, consider an indoor herb garden. Chat with your local garden center about how to get started, but even searching around online, you are likely to find excellent deals on simple herb gardens for less than $50.

2) Mason Jar Gifts

For anyone who likes to cook without too much effort, DIY Mason jar recipes are an excellent housewarming gift. Some recipe ideas include cookie in a jar, hot chocolate in a jar, or even some soup recipes. Taste of home post a recipe list for gifts in a jar that you will want to take a look at. You can usually buy mason jars in bulk at your local grocery store.

3) Honey, Olive Oil, or Maple Syrup.

The nice thing about the above suggestions is that people generally don’t go through these items as fast as they would a bottle of wine. For honey, make sure to purchase raw honey to get the health benefits that you wouldn’t usually receive from filtered honey. For Olive Oil, buy a bottle that comes in a dark bottle to avoid the impact of heat, light, and air (all of which can turn olive oil rancid otherwise). And lastly, for maple syrup, make sure you are purchasing Grade A Maple Syrup. You can get different varieties of amber, from light to dark, based on the purpose.

4) A nice candle.

Candles are an excellent gift because they add an ambience to any home and can fit into almost any home design. So if you are purchasing a candle, make sure to select the best type of candle wax, such as soy or beeswax. Soy candles is that it burns evenly and beeswax candles are great for people who suffer with seasonal allergies.

5) A DIY Gift Basket.

Too often gift baskets that you may purchase in stores or online are incredibly expensive. The best and probably the cheapest way to give a gift basket as a gift is to make it yourself. Purchase a bouquet of flowers, a nice hand soap or dish soap for their kitchen or bathroom, and line the basket of your choosing with a dish towel to finish it off. Tie a pretty bow along the edge of the basket for color details. All of these items can be easily purchase for under $30.


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