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5 Gift Ideas For Your Neighbors

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by magnusfranklin

As the season turns cold, our minds go to what we can give to those around us for this upcoming holiday season. Whether you live in an apartment complex, condos, or regular house, no matter who you live around you may want to think about gifting them this time of year. Yet, it can be tough to give a gift to someone who is your neighbor. Maybe you are close to your neighbors or maybe you are just getting to know them. But we have for you five ideas to give to your neighbors whether you have just moved in or have lived in the neighborhood for years.

1) Coupons for household tasks and favors.

by ruimc77

Have a skill or extra time on your hands you wouldn’t mind sharing with others? Gift your neighbors a coupon book full of tasks you would be willing to do for them. Customize it based on your neighbor too. If it’s a family with little children, offer to babysit (with advanced notice of course) at no charge. Maybe they don’t have children, but do have pets. Offer to dog walk for them or dog sit. If you have handyman skills or do yard care, offer to do some chores for them. Small things like this can have a great impact on building relationships with the people you live around.

2) A local gift card.

One particularly nice gesture is to give your neighbors a gift card to a local establishment. This is also an excellent way of introducing them to new places maybe they haven’t been before.

3) Herb garden gift.

by flossyflotsam

Likely, your local garden center has something that you can pass along. But gifting an herb garden or an easy to care for plant is an excellent gift to pass along. An indoor plant – considering the time of year you are gifting them – is probably ideal. Also, make sure this is a low maintenance plant as some people wouldn’t appreciate the extra work.

4) Baked goods.

by wuestenigel

Baked goods of any kind are always appreciated and you don’t need an elaborate recipe to express your love for your neighbor. You can also find quite a few recipe in a jar ideas if you want your neighbor to have the freedom of baking on their own time.

5) Warm gifts.

by yourbestdigs

Think “warmth” when you go down the gift route. Whether it’s slippers, blankets, warm socks, or coffee and hot chocolate, warm gifts are always appreciated this time of year. With the cold weather coming around, you will never go wrong giving someone the gift of warmth.

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